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Tyrion's back in town, and now we're all wondering what he's up to. What do you think about this episode? Comment away! Feel free to link your posts on the subject too.

And remember, if you want to talk about season 2 and the books, you can do it in the Season 2 Discussion With Book Spoilers Post.


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Apr. 9th, 2012 05:00 am (UTC)
The outright threat to Varys was... not as subtle as it could have been, but then neither was Varys's threat. The guard captain though... Tyrion was right. Killing adorable babies and children in public in front of the populace is the fastest way to lose the people. Slaughter of the innocents, anyone? Something had to be done and fast to mitigate the damage.

Cersei.. the first time I saw the scene I thought she was a bravado-stricken fool, but rewatching it, I think she was trying to fool herself that her son was not a monster. (Sorry, Cersei, he is. And he makes you look like a saint by comparison, which takes work.)
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