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Tyrion Fans

The Tyrion Lannister Fanfiction and Discussion Comm

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The Tyrion Lannister Fanfic & Discussion Community
tyrionfans is a fan fiction and discussion community devoted to Tyrion Lannister of A Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire in canon and any genre of fic.

Icons, art, vids, recs, resource links and other fanworks are also welcome.

I'm Grey Bard, I'll be your mod for this comm, and I only have two rules. The rest are more in the way of suggestions.

Even a king can't run Westeros without help, so if you have a question, comment or brilliant idea please head on over to the Suggestion Box post or email me.


- Be excellent to each other. This is not the royal court of Westeros where backstabbing is a way of life! Disagreements are natural, but no one wants a troll.

- This is a Tyrion Lannister focused community. I love the other characters too, but if your post contains no Tyrion content, this is not the place.

Fanwork Content and Rating Policy

NC 17 fanworks are fine. You can post them as long as you rate or warn appropriately. Right now I'd like this to be an all-inclusive comm with fics for people of all ages and visible to people who don't have a livejournal account.

This is only so long as we don't have reports of naughty underage children reading things that are rated too old for them.

If you're too young to watch a movie of a fic's rating, I hope you're not watching HBO without a fastforward button, and please don't read the fic.

I'm trusting you guys for now, okay?

Post Labeling Policy

If your post contains nudity or explicit sexual content or anything else NSFW, link to it or put it behind a cut tag and warn outside of the link or cut tag. No one wants SURPRISE!porn.

When posting to this community and putting content behind a link or cut tag, please put some kind of notice - in the subject line, in the header, in the body of the post outside the cut, I don't care where, somewhere - of what sort of thing you put under the cut. Mark it fic, discussion, art, fan vids or whatever else it is for the convenience of your fellow comm-members.

Ideally, it would be awesome if you also gave more information - pairing, genre, rating, spoilers, but the only things that you absolutely must notify people of, outside of the cut tag, are what it is (fic, discussion, art, fan vids etc) and a warning if it is Not Safe For Work.

Spoiler Policy

Please don't spoil a Game of Thrones episode less than a week old by posting something outside a cut tag, or by failing to warn people clicking on the cut tag that you're going to be discussing these spoilery topics. DO NOT DISCUSS POST-GAME OF THRONES (book) EVENTS IN HBO-VERSE POSTS THAT ARE NOT BOOK-SPOILER TAGGED. Yes, spoilery icons count.

Spoiling, in the case of the show, consists of anything people would not know from seeing any of the trailers or official websites. The existence of, say, Jon Snow, is not a spoiler.

Suggestions from the mod

- If someone were to post something directly to tyrionfans that could get the comm flagged or shut down by Livejournal, they would be very silly to do so outside of friends-lock, wouldn't they?

- If someone were to read something rated too high for them to watch in a movie theater, and then run and tell us about it, I would have to restrict membership. And that would be sad!

- Cut tags are your friend.

- Crossposting is totally okay.

- Reposting older fics that have never been on this community before is not only okay, it's positively encouraged!

- People like to know what they're clicking on the cut tag of. Author, title and pairing or character, as well as what kind of post it is, is a good place to start.

- It's great when people tag their posts. It makes things easier to find. Stark Industries has tag categories for Rating, Genre, Pairing or Character, and Type of Post. Yes, Rating:Surprise! is a valid tag. Also, if you want, you may tag your posts with your name.

- If you're posting something multi-part, linking where your readers can find the other parts is very convenient for them.

- If making multiple posts at once, please consider combining them so as not to spam your readers.

- Peter Dinklage is not Tyrion Lannister, he is a real person. Therefore, if you would like to post fic or fanworks that are about him or any other actor and not about Tyrion Lannister, please post it elsewhere. This is not because the mod doesn't like Peter Dinklage! But that is not what this comm is about.